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Roller Doors

Shutter 2000 plus manufactures custom rolling doors for residential, commercial or industrial spaces. We supply high quality roller doors in colors, wood finish roller doors, polycarbonate doors, high speed doors.

Some of the benefits of our Roller Doors are

Opens smoothly

The Roller Door should be able to roll up easily without getting jammed and without any noise. We assure our doors opens smoothly which can be either remote controlled or manual.

Easy to operate

Our roller doors are operated by a remote control which makes them incredibly easy to operate in comparison to doors which have to be opened manually. Now, with push of a button you can open and close your door.
Also, now we have our own app launched where our customers easily can open and close their door by a tap on the phone.

Custom made

We are able to measure to fit your exact space requirements. They can be manufactured to almost any size, from smaller residential doors to larger.

Roller Doors - Roller doors ( coloured )

Wood Finished Roller Doors

Polycarbonate Doors

High Speed Doors

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