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Access with smart mobile app

We Shutter 2000+, Sri Lanka's first company providing solution for the roller doors opening just click from an App on your mobile phone. We bringing you, your house into 21st century with new advance, user friendly technology into your lives in a smart way. That's because a smart garage door opener let you control- and monitor- your garage door right from your smart phone, wherever you happened to be.

Advantages of this system

● This device is not limited only to domestic use (houses). It can be used in offices, factories, buildings, industrial scale infrastructure such as warehouses, storage units, anywhere where there are motorized gates.

● The mobile application gives the real time status of the motorized gate (whether it is closed or open).

● Alexa / Siri voice commands compatible.

● The user does not have to have the gate remote with him/her. ● Many people are able to open the gate, such as family members /company employees etc.

● The mobile application has the feature for biometric in such a way that it can be opened with fingerprint/face scanner, password or pin number. Only authorized individuals will be able to open/close the gate. This setting is available in the app and can be used based on the preference of the client.

● Users can monitor all gate / gates activities through our built in log feature in the mobile application.

● Gate owner can control his/her multiple gates in a single mobile application.

● User can change the  device’s WiFi credentials through the mobile application via Bluetooth. (This feature only available in the Android mobile application)